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Which system is right for you?

Why choose our spray cannons?

  • Heated crown for sub-zero temperatures:crown preheating system using electric resistance.
  • Self-cleaning needles
  • The generous size of the steel filter cartridge allows any type of water to be used. Due to the self-priming pump, NOinlet water pressure is required.
  • Touch panel customized with your company logo.
  • Selection of spray type: high-pressure-fine water (for wood dust) or low-pressure water (for demolition).
  • Designed to neutralize dust on the Worksite

    Conrad water foggers neutralize dust and odor particles in the air.

    Using CONRAD dust and odor abatement foggers will reduce the sometimes serious problems caused by dust on the construction site by improving the work environment.

    Our clients chose us because

    Mainly because they are not a number or even yet another sale but each represents a different reality that has different needs that evolve over time..

    Becoming our customer means not only buying a quality product but also having a company by your side that will not leave you stranded.

    Production and Service

    First-rate quality and performance

    We build high-performance dust and odor abatement cannons that last with low maintenance.

    Our strength lies in the assistance we provide to our clients.

    From choosing the best dust killing cannon for your needs to guiding how to use and properly maintain the machine. We stand by our clients every step of the way.

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    Spray Cannons for all types of Construction Sites

    Our Dust abatement cannons are used to break down dust in any ecological sector where dust of any kind is produced.

    A product range made to work even under extreme conditions becauseit is made of thick tubular and boxed steelwith double galvanization.




    Performing Dust Abatement

    Watch our Cannons in action