Accessories for Spray Guns

High Pressure Pump

A 50 bar high-pressure pump makes our spray gun ideal for working with materials that must not be excessively wet and increases its performance.

Ideal for: waste recycling, compost production yards, scrap treatment and wood shredding.

High-pressure pump
Pompa Dosatron

Odour-abatement dosing pump

Thanks to our production quality, we can build high-performance dust and odour abatement cannons that last with low maintenance.

Radio control

The Cannoni-Conrad automated models can be supplied with a 12-channel radio control for remote control of the spray gun.

We have one of the best and most reliable brands on the market: AUTEC Safety.

With a range of 100 metres, the Autec radio control is an accessory that facilitates the control and operation of spray cannons. This accessory can also be integrated at a later date, as it is very easy to install because it arrives already wired, is always available in our stock and can be dispatched within 24 hours,

Thanks to the remote control we can: 

  • switching the cannon on and off
  • control the tilt, rotation of the cannon, ascent and descent of the articulated arm.
  • check the opening and closing of valves
  • storing settings


Battery charger included.

Articulated arm Conrad cannons
Kit 4.0

Industry 4.0 kit

Who doesn't like to save money?

All our spray cannons equipped with PLC are eligible for benefits under the Transition 4.0 Plan.

Cannoni-Conrad certified our Industry 4.0 kit that can be applied on dust suppression systems allowing our customers a 40% tax credit, thus a considerable final saving.

Want to know more? Read more here.

Cleaning lance

Cannoni-Conrad water sprayers can be supplemented with an additional accessory: a pressure washer lance.

This accessory is useful in case you need to clean machinery, tyres or equipment at the end of a job.

Articulated arm Conrad cannons
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