The Factory


  • Tubular made of electro-welded steel for maximum stability
  • Hot-galvanized frame
  • C50 serie’s fan-sections made with double glass fiber cap
  • Hi-velocity fans electronically calibrated in our factory
  • IP 65 electronic control boxes

Conrad Filter

Good performance also depends from the cleanliness of the water you pump inside the nebulizer. Our maximum quality filters reduce malfunctions and improve the machine’s longevity.

  • The competitors pump is half the size of ours. Our filter is much larger.
  • Increases the effectiveness of the filter itself in cleaning the water.
  • Very accessible filter therefore easy to clean and easy to disassemble.
  • Conrad chooses the stainless steel micro mesh filter cartridge
    which allows a degree of filtration 250 µ- 60 mesh
  • The cannon can therefore be powered by all types of water:
  • Industrial / Well / VV.F. / Purifier / Aqueduct / Tank


A different and highly-performing construction method, meant to obtain a balanced water distribution by using the same water pressure in every nozzle.


The integrated electric resistance allows to heath up the crown and work even at sub-zero temperatures.

Filter and crown of the machine are the heart of the machine.

Built to Last