Dust Suppressor - CONRAD C50

CONRAD C50 is a new model with a 50 m. throw, meant to solve every dust production problem in building sites,

quarries, steel plants and cement factories.


  • 2 aluminum crowns heated with electric resistance for sub-zero operation.
  • Integrated electronic PLC to control all automatisms with an intuitive touch screen panel:
    • control rotation from 0° to 340°;
    • control tilt angle from -20° to + 45°;
    • selection of nozzles in action;
    • articulated arm up/down movement;
    • weekly work programming (3 daily start / stop cycles).
  • Automatic water emptying (avoidable function)
  • Type of nebulization settings:
    • thin nebulization (for wood dust or similar)
    • thicker nebulization (perfect for demolitions)


  • Odor suppression: electric metering pump for mixing the chemical product for odor control (chemical product not included)
  • Radio Remote control ON-OFF radio-remote control with 12 function buttons, battery charger. Range distance 100 m.
  • Anemometer integrated with PLC.
  • Customized turbine color.
  • Atex components on request based on the level required.


CONRAD filtration system for incoming water is the best on the market and uses a stainless steel filter cartridge, 500 mm length x 80 mm diameter. Inspectable triple micro-mesh stainless steel filter.

This allows you to use any type of water to feed the cannon: industrial, well, VVF ring, purifier, aqueduct, rain collection…

All CONRAD cannons are equipped with a vertical and self-priming pump for gravity feeding, therefore no inlet water pressure is required.

The fogcannon CONRAD C50 equipped on a galvanized pole, powered by a high-pressure pump.

The dust fighter CONRAD C50 on articulated arm installed on an autonomous dust suppression system.

The dust suppressor CONRAD C50 on articulated arm: working height reachable up to 550 cm


Dust suppression system Conrad C50 works to reduce dust during demolition – Rome- Italy