CANNONI-CONRAD is the eco-label of reference for the control, reduction and abatement of dust in all those contexts where the working environment is made unhealthy and dangerous by the presence of dust and odours.

Conrad Cannons is a brand of Mantovana Macchedil SAS

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The birth of Conrad Cannons

Mantuan Macchedil has chosen to invest its 40 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry in the service of this green line, designing and building spray cannons in an accurate and forward-looking mannerchoosing high quality raw materials and accessories to ensure durable dust suppression systems with zero maintenance costs.

Conrad Cannons has, in fact, interventions in many areas where dust and odours cause difficulties and limitation in site operations.

Conrad electronic cannon systems


Nebuliser Cannons are cannons that generate a flow of air and water mist that once injected into the atmosphere weighs down the dust particles present causing them to fall to the ground.

The water spray can also be mixed with chemical perfume solutions to also reduce unpleasant odours.

The amount of water that is injected depends on the type and quantity of powder present, you generally try to use as little water as possible.

Initially, sprayers were accompanied by excavators equipped with demolition grapples, but the construction-earthmoving field, although indicated, has always been a very reductive field of application for this type of equipment.

In fact, nebulizers are used today in numerous fields:

Quarries, mines, construction sites, cement works, steel mills, waste storage, inert material recycling, odour neutralisation in landfills, wood and aluminium processing sites, wood chip factories, environmental remediation, stadium and event cooling and much more.


C42 Ecosystem application

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

In the province of Rome, we installed the Conrad C42 cannon bikini version, i.e. divided into two pieces: TOP: the cannon installed at altitude with the

LC30R Low plant jaw

Dust control with Conrad LC30R

CONRAD LC30R Demolition dust, vehicle pass-by dust, concrete plant dust ... these are some of the tasks for which our sprayers have been