Bad odours from sweeping soil

Those who work in the ecological and environmental sector know that an ifixed misting systemcalled 'curtain' are effective for dust and odour abatement. Many landfills and waste disposal sites already have them, but more and more often they contact us because the yield is not sufficientthis is the concrete case of the landfill site in Carrara.

The issue: during loading and unloading of the sweeping soil* The strong smell emanating from the dust of these residues reached nearby business premises and persisted for several hours. 

The simple and practical solution was to choose the Conrad Phoenix water spray gun equipped with Maleo odour-abatement product dosing pump.

In the video below you can see how the precise and precise action of the dust collector supports the polyp bucket during the loading phase of the material to be disposed of.

The dosage of the odour-abatement product was set to a minimum and enabled a complete resolution of the problem odour in the area already on first use.

* SWEEPING LAND: the waste from from sweeping street is an undifferentiated urban waste and as such falls under the competence of ATO-R, which defines its destination in the whole of the other undifferentiated urban waste collected in the urban area.

Street sweeping (EWC code 200303 "Street cleaning residues") is an undifferentiated waste whose composition varies greatly depending on the time of year and the area in which the cleaning and collection services are carried out: in the autumn and winter period in particular, the material collected by street sweepers is particularly rich in leaves and soil. 

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