Conrad LC30R at work in landfill

Landfills and waste dumps can generate odours even if they are located in isolated areas far from urban areas. This is the case south of Milan where Cannoni Conrad was called in for a dust and odour abatement test. During the inspection we decided on the basis of the size and type of waste to opt for three types of spray cannons:

Conrad Phoenix with a range of 20 metres, short radius but excellent jet management thanks to the high-pressure pump.

Conrad LC30R with 30 metres of throw with an important plus: automatic rotation setting up to 340°.

Conrad LC50R with 50 metres of range for greater coverage.

In the video you can see the inspection phase with testing of the various models selected for this situation. 

The company chose to install two Conrad LC30Rs on towers with automatic rotation to cover the entire area, both models were equipped with a pump to dose the odour-abatement substance.

This solution was also approved by Arpa officials who carried out the inspection and ascertained that the odour problem raised in the area had been resolved.

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