Conrad LC30R and Phoenix at work in the quarry

The first job in 2022 saw us working at a quarry in Varese, the need was to abate the dust produced by the crushing and aggregate transport plant. 

The quarry, although large in size, had specific powder production points so the positioning of the LC30R cannon on a tower with programmable rotation provided excellent coverage of the area to ensure the control of dust coming out of thecrushing plant.

In addition, a Conrad Phoenix was used on another plant to reduce the dust of the falling material.


IMG 0328 Small
IMG 0327 Small

Unloading from the truck with telescopic lifting gear, all Conrad Cannons are equipped with pockets for lifting with forks, even in the case of models equipped with a trolley.

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

In the province of Rome, we installed the Conrad C42 cannon bikini version, i.e. divided into two pieces: TOP: the cannon installed at altitude with the

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