Conrad C72 dust suppression at thermal power plant

In the two coal-fired sections of the power plant, the DeSOx installations for theabatement of SO2 emissionswhile since 1 January 2016, the DeNOx for thereduction of NOx emissions. Since 2023, the thermal power plant has been equipped with two Conrad c72 dust collectors to further contain dust from this fossil.

💨Conrad C72 sprayers on wheels at the thermal power plant to break down coal dust:

💧60 nozzles on a sub-zero operation heated aluminium crown

💪70 m range

🌬️Motore 18 kW pump

⏱️Pressione operating: 10-15 bar

💻PLC for automation management:

- programmable rotation from 0° to 340°

- inclination -20% +45% automatic

- selection of active nozzles 20+20+20

- work cycle programming and daily/weekly timer.

Equipped with:

⚙️carrello with 3 pneumatic wheels, 2 stabilisers and a drawbar

📱Autec 12-key remote control


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