Customised Nebulizer Cannons

From the dust suppression cannon to the autonomous system, for those who want dust suppression with water and electricity always at hand.

Accessories available for customising systems

Dust suppression systems can be further customised with the following configurations:

Sites where Customised Dust Suppression Systems can be used


The best solution for reducing dust lies in the fan-nozzle combination.

From the C32 model, the crowns are heated by a heating element to solve the problem of ice during the cold season.

The spray cannon of the autonomous system can have two set-ups: pole-mounted or articulated arm.


We went in search of the best tanks, for us compactness and strength were the most important search criteria. We chose MADE IN ITALY again.

The tanks we fit in our autonomous systems are made of polyethylene and depending on the capacity you can choose vertical or horizontal, from 1000 l to 7500 l.

What you see in the picture is instead a metal tank expressly requested by the customer, for which we devised a customised all-round solution for a quarry cutter truck.


We equip our stand-alone systems with MADE IN ITALY generators with consistently reliable performance.

Yanmar, Perkins, stage III enginesenergy-efficient and above all environmentally friendly!


Autonomous roll-off platform system

Many autonomous systems arise from numerous site visitsbrainstorming with customers to create the perfect dust and odour abatement system for their needs.

One such system is the autonomous dust suppression system for swap body trucks which, although large in size, brings with it considerable mobility and a unrivalled versatility.

Being equipped with a generator and tank, this dust suppression system is essential on constantly moving construction sites where it is not always possible to have water and electricity at every point.

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