La new line of dust suppression CANNONS CONRAD was conceived from an in-depth analysis of the market, our customers' needs and a realistic assessment of our competitors' offerings.

Our range of atomisers is one of the most comprehensive, but despite this, our vision drives us to continually enrich and refine it. In fact, we range from fully manual to fully automatic machines, with numerous options to increase the performance and level of control of atomisation.

The new LC30R and LC50R were born out of the need for a lean machine in the demolition industry.

Where the concept of lean stands for: easy to load and transport from site to site and easy to use for all site operators while maintaining the right balance between manual settings and touch screen plc to activate and set the rotation automatically.


Our experience leads us to fit PLCs on the vast majority of models, starting with the Conrad C32. The PLCs are rich in functions and programming, such as setting daily and weekly Pause-Work cycles.

Such settings are superfluous in the demolition industry where the use of fogging is often on a one-shot job site or at most may last for a few days. For a one- or two-day job, learning to use certain automatisms on a spray gun may not be necessary.

Another case in which many automatics can be difficult is the rental market, where the rental company itself aims to rent simple machines to avoid user difficulties and to minimise operator training time.

These considerations led us to designing a machine relieved of many automatismswhile retaining the automatism most valued in the demolition industry: rotation.

Rotation has been combined with an easy-to-understand interfacedesigned to make the functionality to be set at a glance.

The Result

The result is a pair of high-performance spray cannons with automatic rotation with programmable settings and the possibility of adding a radio remote control to operate the machine up to 100 m.

LC30 R was equipped with 30 nozzles and a 3 kW fan to achieve a range of 30 metres and LC50 R, equipped with 45 nozzles and a 5 kW fan to achieve a range of 50 metres.

Both with equipment on a tower or on a trolley with drawbar and stabiliser or with a long trolley to accommodate the generator set.

These machines would be presented at the Ecomondo trade fair in Rimini, scheduled to take place between 3 and 6 November 2020, but the Covid-19 emergency led us to introduce these spray cannons to customers in specific sectors early on, and they were highly appreciated and satisfied.



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