Environmental sanitation of urban areas and working areas with Cannoni-Conrad

The year 2020 will certainly be remembered as the year of Covid-19.

In this deeply complex situation, CANNONI-CONRAD can provide helpful technology and products.

The disinfection and sanitisation of urban public places are activities that many municipalities, according to cleaning companies, want to intensify to leave no stone unturned.

There is no scientific evidence that urban sanitation can render the virus inactive. Despite this, such a type of cleaning which is now taking place in many cities aims to be a further chance to fight this invisible enemy.

The activity carried out by urban cleaning and sanitation companies includes road surface and sidewalk washing, often with the help of staff on the ground, with a great waste of water.

CANNONS-CONRAD suggests to integrate normal cleaning with a nebuliser cannon - the CONRAD Phoenix specifically - placed on a truck with generator and water tank, in which to dilute a sanitising chemical product.

The nebulising action of the sprayer cannon is incredibly performing. Thanks to its range of 20 metres (the smaller model) it can reach and cover even fenced areas, such as courtyards, squares and green areas, playgrounds, roads, sidewalks, parking lots and areas which are difficult to reach by standard cleaning truck, going to sanitise not only the ground but also urban furnishings and walls.

Water consumption is very low (8 l / minute)so sanitising with Conrad Phoenix Sprayer can be a valuable aid for a more frequent sanitisation activity, reaching inaccessible areas and without water wasting.


  • Low water consumption: 5.3 l / min. - max. 40 l / min.
  • Wide range of action: from 20 to 40 m range, depending on each model
  • High range to reach fenced areas and not easily accessible spaces.

Suggested products for disinfection:

  • DEODOR: Product for cleaning and deodorisation with excellent viscosity and olfactory intensity capable of removing bad odours and enhancing the perception of cleanliness.
  • UNIBCSanitising detergent that drastically counteracts microorganisms on contact surfaces. 10% aqueous solution of a pure active substance of Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium (Benzalkonium chloride).
  • ALILINE DStrongly alkaline sanitising detergent, specifically designed for closed systems (CIP systems), but also machinery, equipment, worktops, and surfaces in general.
  • ALICON: High concentration sanitising detergent, based on Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium, suitable for cleaning and simultaneous sanitisation of any hard surface. 25 KG TANKS

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