CONRAD C32 breaks down dust in demolition

Demolition is a profession, and in Italy alone there are an estimated 7 million abandoned buildings potentially subject to demolition actions.

In the previous article, we explained how in the demolition industry a simple and poorly automated dust collector was needed to enable quick mastery of the machine especially in cases of one-shot jobs, where in many cases the sprayer is rented for that specific job.

We see that this reasoning is not always valid; those who demolish in a programmed manner as their core business need high automatic performance.
This is the case of Binotto Giorgio S.A.S of Dosson di Casier, a major company in the field of demolition, excavation, inert materials recovery and supply of recycled materials for construction mainly in the Treviso, Padua and Venice areas.


Binotto Giorgio S.AS. chose the CONRAD C32 Nebulizer Cannon with 64 nozzles on two heated crowns, 3kW fan and a range of more than mt. 30. Built-in plc to manage all automatisms plus radio control.

The articulated arm that allows the spray jet to be raised and directed where it is needed most and, most importantly, is able to act above the demolition gripper by acting even better on the dust.

The mobile station consists of a cannon, generator and steel tank, all mounted on a TAM saddle custom-made for the customer’s dump truck.

Atomization is directed over the range of the gripper, zeroing the dust both during the time of splitting the material and at the time of falling.

The advantages of a stand-alone solution

A 100% mobile and autonomous solution that is a winner from the very first use. Thanks to the presence of the cannon on the truck, small and large movements can be made to get closer or farther into the construction site as needed.

Thanks to the truck-mounted system, it was possible to avoid blocking the roadway. Just imagine a static system to be moved with a forklift how much space would be required on the road surface?

Once again, the specific, tailor-made approach that so differentiates Cannoni-Conrad from other players in the market has enabled it to offer a system that is truly customer-solving.

Evaluating and studying the dust abatement cannon based on the type of work, the frequency of activities performed, and the types of construction sites faced is a longer and more laborious work, at the same time we know it is correct way to propose our dust abatement solutions on the construction site.