IFAT MONACO 13-17 MAY 2024


We look forward to seeing you at Messe Muenchen in Munich 

in Hall B4 no. stand 110 

13 to 17 May 2024.


The IFAT trade fair in Munich is more than just an event in the field of ecology; it is a global crossroads where the brightest minds, the most advanced innovations and the most effective solutions meet to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

IFAT is a showcase for sustainable technologies, innovative processes and best practices in resource, waste and water management. It is a time when companies, institutions and organisations come together to share knowledge, experience and projects that can transform the way we interact with the environment.

The importance of IFAT lies in its ability to catalyse change. Through exhibitions, conferences and meetings, the fair offers an unparalleled opportunity to identify emerging trends, discover cutting-edge technologies and establish meaningful partnerships. It is a place where key players can meet, discuss and design practically effective solutions to address the environmental challenges threatening our planet.


IFAT Munich is an essential stop for entrepreneurs wishing to stay at the forefront of sustainable waste management. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore and access a wide range of new technologies designed to address the environmental challenges of waste management.

New technologies presented at the fair can revolutionise the way companies manage their waste, enabling them to adopt more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective approaches. For example, innovative solutions for material recycling, energy from waste, waste reduction and intelligent waste management can be presented.

For an entrepreneur, visiting IFAT means being at the forefront of identifying and evaluating these new technologies, with the opportunity to adopt them early and gain significant competitive advantages. Implementing cutting-edge technologies for sustainable waste management can not only improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, but also demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, enhancing corporate reputation and attracting environmentally sensitive customers.

In addition, visiting IFAT offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other industry players, including suppliers, experts and institutions. These meetings can lead to strategic partnerships, knowledge exchanges and collaborations for the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

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