Third autonomous dust suppression system delivered to the Green Triangle

Belvedere third car Apr 2

The third system at the Green Triangle

For us, who design and promote landfill solutions, receiving the third order for the same spray system is a great satisfaction, synonymous with confidence and positive results.

The Green Triangle is able to dispose of waste and create value for the inhabitants of the surrounding areas, a laudable mission, and we feel somewhat part of these great goals with our autonomous dust and odour abatement stations deployed in the landfill.

C50 station on wheels Belvedere third machine Media

Autonomous dust suppression system consisting of:

  • CONRAD atomiser C50: 50 m range, 40 nozzles, high pressure.
  • Tank for water with a capacity of 3000 litres.
  • Generator diesel
  • All set up on skid wheeled for slow towing, stabilisers and drawbar.
  • This system was set up with our Industry 4.0 kit for productivity monitoring and geolocation. 
Belvedere third car apr 1
Belvedere third car Apr 3

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

In the province of Rome, we installed the Conrad C42 cannon bikini version, i.e. divided into two pieces: TOP: the cannon installed at altitude with the

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