Conrad Phoenix Autonomous Station for Special Waste Disposal

The Conrad Phoenix autonomous station was deployed in the waste disposal area in Cremona. 

The customer's activities are extensive and include ferrous material recovery, metal transport and processing, industrial demolition, metals and alloys, as well as special waste disposal, and more specifically: 

  • Waste Transport 
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal 
  • Asbestos Disposal 
  • Maintenance and Cleaning 
  • Industrial Remediation and Waterproofing 


In all these facets, our nebuliser will have the task of abating dust during loading, unloading and in general during waste handling to safeguard residential areas and neighbouring streets.


Here are the features of this autonomous station:

  • Conrad Phoenix cannon 20 -25 metres range
  • Integrated PLC for automatic rotation
  • tank 1000 litres
  • generating set
  • application with cleaning lance
  • Industry 4.0 kit
  • skid that can be forklifted or lifted with hooks
  • Autec 8-key radio control

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

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Dust control with Conrad LC30R

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