Charter Service for Conrad Phoenix - our Charter Fleet

the convenience of hiring from a professional 'Mantovana Macchedil

I rent because

Renting is an extremely versatile temporary use contract because it can adapt to countless needs. 

Hire to cope with peak workloads without burdening yourself with buying new machinery.

Hire to try out a new machine.

Hire to test whether that type of machinery solves your problem on site before you buy it.

Hire for a special one-off job.

Renting because you don't want to buy.

Renting because renting has considerable tax advantages.

With Mantovana Macchedil at our side, we can offer a wide range of dust suppression cannons to meet all these demands and any others you can think of.

Along with spray cannons, we also have water tanks and petrol and diesel generators to complete the offer and have a single business partner.

rental fleet

Mist and illuminate

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