Periodic Maintenance Programme

Customised service of dust and odour abatement systems.

maintenance = prevention

Periodic maintenance of machinery is a fundamental pillar in ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of industrial plants. This practice goes far beyond simply repairing an unforeseen fault; it aims to prevent problems from occurring, thus reducing production downtime and possible costs resulting from major damage.

In an industrial context, where production takes place at a fast pace and efficiency is a crucial factor, periodic maintenance becomes a strategic investment rather than an additional cost. It allows early detection of any anomalies or wear and tear, intervening promptly to prevent them turning into critical failures. This proactive approach allows maintenance activities to be planned in such a way as to minimise the impact on production, avoiding sudden interruptions and costly slowdowns.

In addition, regular maintenance helps to ensure safety in the workplace. Well-maintained machinery is less prone to unexpected malfunctions that could cause accidents or damage to people or surrounding structures.

The positive impact that regular maintenance has on energy efficiency should also not be underestimated. Machinery that operates correctly and in optimum condition tends to consume less energy, thus reducing operating costs and the environmental impact of production.


periodic maintenance service

Given the importance of the subject matter here, we offer our regular service, which represents a significant innovation in the field of maintenance six dust and odour abatement systems, offering our customers several distinctive advantages.

Firstly, our approach is based on proactive maintenance management. We do not only intervene in the event of a breakdown, but thanks to periodic planning we adopt a preventive strategy that allows us to identify and solve any problems before they turn into critical situations. This allows us to minimise production downtime and maximise the availability of dust suppression equipment.

Moreover, our programme is highly customisable and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer. 

We do not offer standardised solutions, but develop service plans tailored to the type of machinery, the industry sector, the frequency of machine use and the customer's operational needs. This tailor-made approach allows us to maximise the effectiveness of our maintenance operations while ensuring optimum cost-benefit ratio for our customers.






-transport to site

The dust and odour abatement station in the picture opposite is a 2019 machine with around 9000 hours of honourable career in a waste management depot behind it.

The work carried out on this machine is of the 'one-shot' type: complete overhaul and replacement of deteriorated parts, such as the filter, solenoid valves, nozzles, etc., a true regeneration to extend the machine's service life.

In many cases the maintenance we recommend is a scheduled service, i.e. periodic, at a predetermined frequency our technicians work on the machines directly on site.

This choice is certainly the most popular because it offers our customers a proactive, customised and transparent approach to managing the maintenance of their facilities.



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Periodic Maintenance Programme

Customised service of dust and odour abatement systems. maintenance = prevention Periodic maintenance of machinery is a fundamental pillar to ensure

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