Dusts under control at the scrap metal yard

At the ferrous scrap collection site, we installed the curtain spray system to create a barrier to dust and prevent it from escaping from the roofed structure during machinery processing.

Here are some numbers and highlights of the work we did:

  • spray line coverage: 30 linear metres
  • positioning at a height of 9 metres
  • in operator area installation of control unit and high-pressure pump 

Results and benefits:

  • dust barrier 
  • low water and energy consumption
  • no puddles on the ground

Related but equally important positive feedback:

  • Control bodies satisfied

In this situation, the customer needed to control the dust produced by the machines placed under the canopy, the handling of ferrous material at the depot generated dust emissions. Although they had a few dust suppression cannons, the request was for a system capable of suppressing dust without the use of fans. 

During the inspection, we proposed the solution of spraying from nozzles with a high-pressure pump in order to create a barrier that would shield the dust from escaping and direct it to the ground.

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