Dust control with Conrad LC30R


Dust from demolition, dust from passing vehicles, dust generated by the concrete plant ... here are some of the tasks our sprayers have been called upon to perform in Vicenza.

For these dust problems the company equipped itself with a Conrad LC30R with the following set-up:

  • three-wheel pneumatic trolley, stabilisers and slow drawbar, a robust trolley for the construction site, but also manoeuvrable by hand;
  • automatic rotation programmable from the PLC screen in seconds;
  •  8-button remote control;
  • Industry 4.0 kit to track the position and activities of the machine.

Our technicians carried out training for the personnel who will use the dust suppression cannons.

In addition to training in the use of the machine, they went in depth into the use of the radio control and explained the details of the device Industry 4.0to make the most of all the advantages of this kit.

CONRAD Phoenix

The second machine in the fleet was the ever-present Conrad Phoenix on wheels. 

The customer immediately understood its great potential: small, robust, powerful and truly versatile.

The true joker of the construction site!

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