Construction site dust suppression

Dust abatement on the construction site is not a problem to be taken lightly.

An issue that not only affects the health of workers on the site, but could also affect the health of people living or passing by the site itself.

Let's see together how to solve the problem and be compliant.

Construction Site Dust Hazards

In order to be legally compliant, it is necessary that the abatement of particulate matter emitted on your construction site is up to standard and is carried out as correctly as possible.
In fact, endangering the health of people working on or passing by the construction site is an offence punishable under criminal law.

During demolition, a lot of dust is generated from debris including concrete, wood, glass, possibly asbestos and other agents that create or can create significant health damage.

It is therefore good to protect not only those who work on your site but also your equipment and machinery by reducing the dust generated by your work and demolition.

How to break down dust correctly on the construction site

For correct dust abatement on site dust suppression systems exist, i.e. the atomising cannons which are a practical, safe and fast solution.

SafeKnocking down dust with water mist is not only a smart solution but also a safe one. The water mist engulfs the dust particles, bringing them to the ground without creating puddles that would be created by using other arranged systems such as water pipes.
By incorporating the powder particles, some of the odours are also eliminated at first glance, which can be further eliminated by adding the Dosatron system to the spray gun.
Dust abatement in itself makes the construction site safer.

PracticeBy customising the cannons, a dust suppression system can be created that is ideal for the situation and the construction site.
Whether it is on an articulated arm or on wheels, roll-off or self-contained, manual or automatic, we are confident that we can create a solution that represents the ultimate in practicality for every type of construction site.

QuickDust abatement takes place during processing, by aiming the spray gun at the area of interest. This speeds up the work, or rather does not slow it down.
Saving time then results in actual savings of money, as you do not have to stop work to break down the dust or wait for it to disperse in some way.

Dust suppression system prices

Unfortunately, giving an exact price for the dust suppression system is not possible, which is why we push hard to have direct contact with the customer.

Direct contact allows us to be as precise as possible, to avoid wasteful set-ups or options that are not beneficial to the customer.

Having direct contact with the customer allows us to propose and inform the customer about subsidies such as Industry 4.0 and our new Rent to Buy formula.

Shredding wood without dust

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