Dust and ferrous waste - the solution with the Phoenix station

Waste storage in Emilia Romagna.

The landfill chose the CONRAD Phoenix station to control the dust generated during waste processing and during loading and unloading.

The range of well over 20 metres is excellent for reaching small and large piles of waste.

The automatic rotation with adjustable angle from 0° up to 340° ensures precise and optimal coverage for all work applications.

The test was carried out on a powder that is very difficult to break down, namely foundry waste powder, basically an impalpable powder like ash. The video shows the excellent result obtained.

phoenix mattioli station

The self-contained Conrad Phoenix dust-laying station was implemented with a high-pressure washer lance kit, a popular accessory for quick washing of vehicles on the construction site.

The lance is equipped with a 10 m high-pressure hose so that it can also work at a distance from the machine.


lance station phoenix mattioli

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

In the province of Rome, we installed the Conrad C42 cannon bikini version, i.e. divided into two pieces: TOP: the cannon installed at altitude with the

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