Demolishing by controlling dust

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In the world of sustainable construction, dust management is a crucial challenge. Major builders are constantly looking for effective solutions to tackle this problem efficiently and safely. In this context, the importance of turning to qualified dust abatement specialists becomes apparent.

First of all, it is essential to understand the impact of dust on human health and the environment. Fine dust generated during demolition processes can cause severe respiratory problems and even chronic lung disease in exposed workers. Moreover, this dust can contaminate the air and the surrounding environment, damaging fragile ecosystems and compromising public health. Tackling this problem effectively requires advanced and targeted solutions.

That's why major demolition professionals turn to us for stand-alone dust-laying stations, custom-designed for construction vehicles.

Our stations have customisable set-ups and allow you to fine-tune the system to suit your business.

The mobile dust-abatement station delivered to the province of Modena consists of:

- C32 cannon with a range of over 30 m 

- articulated arm

- PLC automation to manage rotation, cannon tilt, articulated arm movements, nozzle selection and timer programming

- diesel generator

- steel tank 5000 litres 

- demountable saddle made for the manufacturer's truck

- 12-key remote control 

- industry 4.0 kit

Our dust suppression station is the right system to have everything you need to control dust on site.

The excavator equipped with a demolition grapple can therefore be joined by an autonomous vehicle that will follow the demolition to anticipate the new dust raised by falling debris on the ground with its spray. Thanks to the set-up on an articulated boom, the gun will be able to reach heights high enough to act above the cutting and tearing point of the grapple. 

The mobile dust suppression system will utilise the autonomy of the 5000-litre water tank by working for several hours, thus ensuring optimal performance for the pace of the construction site.

Having the right equipment for the job means professionalism and preparation, which is why we assist builders in choosing the most suitable machinery. 

A few words must also be spent on the aspect of training in the use of the equipment. Our technicians instruct the operators at the time of delivery so that they know how to use the machinery correctly, safely and to its full potential.

Demolishing by controlling dust

Another great builder has turned to us! In the world of sustainable construction, dust management is a crucial challenge. The big builders

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