CONRAD Mist-200 the mist curtain for abating dust and odours


Curtain spray systems are used by waste companies to reduce the spread of dust and odours during waste treatment and disposal. These systems work by spraying high-pressure water through nozzles positioned on a rod structure that follows the perimeter of the work area.

The sprayed water turns into a fine mist as it falls, forming a kind of 'wet curtain' that acts as a barrier by capturing dust particles and odours in the air, causing them to fall to the ground. This misting process makes the air cleaner and reduces the environmental impact of waste disposal activities.

Curtain spray systems are controlled by an automation system that adjusts the water flow and nozzle pressure according to environmental conditions and the needs of the work area. 


The ideal solution to reduce dust and odour without displacing the air and without creating puddles.

Construction, installation and testing of the nebulising curtain at the composting site in the province of Bologna.

  • covered area: 60 linear metres
  • height: 8 m
  • 50-60 bar
  • integrated odour-abatement dosing pump
mist 200 ozzano herambiente 10

Installation by Cannoni-Conrad personnel with 2 extendable bridges to perform fixing activities at height.

One partner for design, realisation, transport and assembly.

mist 200 ozzano herambiente 15

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

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