Excessive dust in the tunnel - Conrad solves - the Lausanne tunnel story

A tunnel 70 metres deep

Yes, that's right, a railway tunnel to speed trains 70 metres underground, not far from Italy, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Cannons-Conrad was called upon to eliminate the excessive dust produced by the Liebherr 944 excavator during its activities (see header image). On the excavator's arm, the tiller moves and grinds the soil, which will be collected and transported out.

This process made the environment highly unhealthy and dangerous, not least because the powerful suction systems were unable to suck up large volumes of dust and the operator in the excavator cab often had great visibility problems during the cutting phase.

A new approach for a new challenge

For this job we chose a versatile machine: the CONRAD C42. This model is equipped with a flow rate of over 40 m and a high-pressure pump, capable of dosing the amount of water sparingly and selecting the type of fine atomisation, depending on the type of powder raised by the cutter.

Versatility has certainly been the key here. In fact, in addition to the popular articulated boom, we also added a 3-wheel pneumatic trolley with stabilisers. This combination offered great advantages to the operators. The gun was directed precisely and on time to the origin of the powder thanks to the articulated arm. The trolley with pneumatic wheels allowed easy towing throughout the tunnel, and the stabilisers made it possible to position the machine close to cuts and holes in the ground, allowing the cannon to reach anywhere.

CONRAD C42 ceiling-mounted cannon

In the province of Rome, we installed the Conrad C42 cannon bikini version, i.e. divided into two pieces: TOP: the cannon installed at altitude with the

Dust control with Conrad LC30R

CONRAD LC30R Demolition dust, vehicle pass-by dust, concrete plant dust ... these are some of the tasks for which our sprayers have been

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