Dust and odour abatement in compost treatment and production - Cagliari

In April, we brought another autonomous dust abatement system to Sardinia, this time to control dust and odours at a composting site.

The screening machine that separates the compost produces a lot of dust and the wind in the area exacerbated the problem, Our misting system was able to solve the problem by controlling the dust without soaking the soil.

During delivery we took care of the training operators at the compost production site. In fact, our technicians take care to give all the necessary information to those who will have to managing the machine in the future so as to ensure its correct use and the diligent maintenancesuch as cleaning the nozzles or filter.

Our technicians also installed the Industry 4.0 kit Therefore, the training of operators also had a focus on this topic, in fact our aim is to educate as best we can in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that Industry 4.0 offers. 


The proposed system consists of:

  • Conrad C42 Nebuliser40 metres of throw - 64 selectable nozzles - integrated high pressure - PLC for automatic control - set-up on articulated arm
  • Tank polyethylene water tank with 3000 l capacity
  • Generator Diesel
  • Radio control 12 Autec keys
  • Industry 4.0 kit to control/manage/geolocate the machine from the office
  • All in one set up skid swivelling so that it can be easily moved around the compost production site

Demolishing by controlling dust

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Periodic Maintenance Programme

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