Dust suppression and Industry 4.0 in Vicenza

Vicenza: Cannoni-Conrad was contacted to offer the most suitable dust control solution at the site of recycling of inerts demolition beside the Valdastico motorway.

  • Dust produced by material loading and unloading
  • Dust produced by recycling and crushing the aggregate
  • Dust produced by material conveyor belts

The nebuliser with Integrated PLC Conrad C62 with capacity over 60 metres was placed on a column at a height of 4 metres.

This dust suppression gun was built on a tower to be positioned at height, while separately the pump and control box were positioned in a user-accessible area. 

La automatic rotation adjustable from 0° up to a maximum of 340° allows coverage of the entire area, the adjustable inclination of the cannon offers the added advantage of greater precision to act on dust clouds, thus preventing the dust from reaching the adjacent road.

The machine was set up with the Cannons-Conrad certified Industry 4.0 kit to be able to manage the machine remotely and take advantage of the 50% guaranteed tax credit in the 2021 tax year.

From the office PC, it is possible to access the machine's PLC and control its operation safely.

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