Conrad C32

The CONRAD C32 nebuliser is certainly the most popular product because it combines two key features: versatility and power.

The fan pushes the atomisation over 30 metres and the 64 nozzles distributed over 2 crowns allow for customised dosing of the jet intensity.

Set-ups available are: on a trolley, on a tower, on an articulated boom or the bikini version (with pump/control unit on the ground and cannon at height).

Highly appreciated in the demolition sector, the Conrad C32 is mainly chosen in the articulated boom configuration set up on a dump truck saddle.

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Nebulizer cannon performance table

Additional information


over 30 m

N. Nozzles

64 - selectable 32|32


2 aluminium crowns - heated with electrical resistance for sub-zero operation.

PLC automation

integrated PLC electronics, Headlight switch-on, Water pump switch-on, Crown heater switch-on, Fan switch-on, Pause/Work function, Rotation setting from 0° to 340°, Articulated boom up/down, Daily and weekly timer, selectable active nozzles


340° automatic with servo motor


-20° +45° automatic

Fan power

3 Kw-400V-50Hz

Total installed power

8 kW

Ascent / Descent

only with articulated boom set-up - reachable working height 5.5 m


410 mm - 3000 rpm


10-15 bar

Water Consumption

33 l/min



Covered Area

2800 m²


70 dB

Water Filter

Inspectable stainless steel filter

Filtering capacity

100 µm

Water connection

1 ½ " - Camlock

Water pump included

Self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal electric pump for gravity operation. No inlet water pressure required

Electrical connection

CEE 32A 3P+N+E

Available options

Industry 4.0 kit, Dosing pump for odour abatement, Remote control


  • Heated aluminium sprocket with electrical resistance for sub-zero operation.
  • Integrated PLC panel with touchscreen panel
    • rotation control 0° to 340°;
    • working angle from -20° to + 45°;
    • selectable active nozzles;
    • articulated arm with up/down movement;
    • Weekly work scheduling (3 daily start/stop cycles)
  • Automatic water draining (excludable function)
  • Type of atomisation
    • high-pressure fine atomisation (for wood dust or similar)
    • thicker spray (perfect for demolition)

Conrad Cannons and Water

  • The CONRAD filtration system for incoming water is the best on the market and uses a Stainless steel filter cartridge, length 500 mm x 80 mm diameter. Inspectable triple-mesh stainless steel filter.

    This allows you to use any type of water to feed the cannon: industrial, well, VVF ring, purifier, aqueduct, rain collection...

    All CONRAD cannons are equipped with a vertical and self-priming pump for gravity feeding, therefore no inlet water pressure is required.


  • Odour suppression: electric dosing pump for mixing the odour control chemical (chemical not included)
  • ON-OFF radio remote control with 12 function keys, battery charger. Range 100 m.
  • Integrated anemometer with PLC.
  • Customised turbine colour.
  • Atex components on request according to the level required.

Setting up on a fixed pole

The CONRAD C32 spray gun is suitable for construction sites and fixed work siteswhere the dust lift is localised to precise areas, such as the loading and unloading of aggregates.

The model set up on a tower is equipped with compartments for forklift liftingIt is therefore easily transportable if the position of powder production is changed.

  1. Size: 80 x 100 x 230
  2. Weight: kg. 210

Outfitting on Articulated Arm

The CONRAD C32 spray gun is certainly the flagship of our range because the pantograph arm allows the sprayer to reach precise points for effective dust suppression. 

Perfect in any situation, but certainly suitable for: landfills and reclamation.

- Dimensions: 192 x 210 x 273 cm
- Weight: kg. 400

Set up on a three-wheel trolley

The CONRAD C32 mobile atomising cannon, mounted on a TROLLEY to enable dust suppression at temporary construction sites or in places of activity where the origin of dust may vary over time.

The Conrad C32 cannon has a range of 30 metres and the trolley set-up makes it the ideal product to rent for medium to long periods.

- Dimensions: 192 x 210 x 273 cm
- Weight: kg. 400

Conrad C32 Stories

Demolishing by controlling dust

Another great builder has turned to us! In the world of sustainable construction, dust management is a crucial challenge. The big builders

CONRAD C32 breaks down demolition dust Demolition is a profession, and in Italy alone there are an estimated 7 million abandoned buildings potentially subject to demolition action. In the previous article

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