Conrad C50

The Conrad C50 is a spray gun with a range of 50 metres, designed to solve the problem of dust production on construction sites, quarries, steelworks and cement factories.

Equipped with a dosing pump, it is a valuable ally for odour reduction in landfills, anaerobic digestion sites, compost heaps and the waste sector in general.

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Nebulizer cannon performance table

Additional information


50 m

N. Nozzles

60 - selectable in groups of 20|20


1 aluminium crown - heated with electrical resistance for sub-zero operation.

PLC automation

integrated PLC electronics, Headlight switch-on, Water pump switch-on, Crown heater switch-on, Fan switch-on, Pause/Work function, Rotation setting from 0° to 340°, Articulated boom up/down, Daily and weekly timer, selectable active nozzles


340° automatic with servo motor


-20° +45° automatic

Ascent / Descent

only with articulated boom set-up - reachable working height 5.5 m


10-15 bar, 50-60 bar

Water Consumption

18-21 l/min, 33 l/min




70 dB

Covered Area

7500 m²

Fan power

5.5 Kw-400V-50Hz


660 mm

Total installed power

8 kW

Water Filter

Inspectable stainless steel filter

Filtering capacity

100 µm

Water connection

1 ½ " - Camlock

Water pump included

Self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal electric pump for gravity operation. No inlet water pressure required

Electrical connection

CEE 32A 3P+N+E

Available options

Industry 4.0 kit, Pressure washer lance kit with 10 m of connected high pressure hoses, Dosing pump for odour abatement, Remote control


  • Heated aluminium sprocket with electrical resistance for sub-zero operation.
  • Integrated PLC panel with touchscreen panel
    • rotation control 0° to 340°;
    • working angle from -20° to + 45°;
    • selectable active nozzles;
    • articulated arm with up/down movement;
    • Weekly work scheduling (3 daily start/stop cycles)
  • Automatic water draining (excludable function)
  • Type of atomisation
    • high-pressure fine atomisation (for wood dust or similar)
    • thicker spray (perfect for demolition)

Conrad Cannons and Water

  • The CONRAD filtration system for incoming water is the best on the market and uses a Stainless steel filter cartridge, length 500 mm x 80 mm diameter. Inspectable triple-mesh stainless steel filter.

    This allows you to use any type of water to feed the cannon: industrial, well, VVF ring, purifier, aqueduct, rain collection...

    All CONRAD cannons are equipped with a vertical and self-priming pump for gravity feeding, therefore no inlet water pressure is required.


  • Odour suppression: electric dosing pump for mixing the odour control chemical (chemical not included)
  • ON-OFF radio remote control with 12 function keys, battery charger. Range 100 m.
  • Integrated anemometer with PLC.
  • Customised turbine colour.
  • Atex components on request according to the level required.

CONRAD C50 cannon configurations

CONRAD C50 equipped on a galvanised pole, fed by a high-pressure pump.

CONRAD C50 on an articulated arm installed on an autonomous dust suppression system.

CONRAD C50 on articulated boom: achievable working height up to 550 cm

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