Electronic dust abatement systems represent the most advanced and technologically sophisticated solution. Thanks to state-of-the-art electronic sensors, these systems are able to automatically adjust the amount of water sprayed according to the amount of dust in the air, ensuring effective and efficient dust abatement.

Dust suppression cannons equipped with all desirable automatisms: digitally adjustable rotation and tilt, articulated arm movement, selection of operating nozzles, working day time setting.


  • Rotation control from 0° to 340°
  • Tilt control from -20° to + 45°.
  • Articulated arm up/down movement
  • Automatic water draining (function can be excluded)
  • Setting the working angle with the self-learning method
  • Weekly work scheduling (3 daily start/stop cycles)
  • Type of atomisation: fine high-pressure atomisation (for wood dust or similar) or thicker atomisation (perfect for demolition)
  • Intuitive touchscreen panel 


Our automatic dust suppression systems are usually set up with 3 different types of equipment.
All these types are equipped with pockets for inserting forklift forks.

On a Fixed Base

On Cart

On Articulated Arm


A 12-setting radio control allows the operator to manage the machine up to a distance of 100 m.

This allows full control of the sprayer, even when the operator is on a moving machine (excavator, skid loader, truck, etc.).

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