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Perfect demolition solutions

Discover Conrad's highly efficient spray cannons, ideal for dust control during demolition. Maximise safety and protect the environment with CONRAD CANNONS.

Conrad spray cannons

The importance of dust suppression in demolition work

Protect the health of workers: The use of spray cannons reduces health risks for workers by limiting exposure to fine dust and pollutants.

Minimising environmental impact: Dust abatement helps to reduce air pollution and the dispersion of particulate matter around the construction site.

Reducing health and safety risks

Conrad spray cannons

Dust suppression is essential to protect the health of workers and ensure safety on demolition sites. Our spray cannons help reduce the risks of exposure to fine dust and poor air quality.

Download our brochure information on the features and advantages of Conrad spray cannons for the quarrying and mining sector.

Customised solutions every demolition

We offer a complete range of spray cannons that can themselves be customised, with different sizes and capacities, to meet the specific needs of each demolition.

Contact us to find the ideal solution for you.

Conrad Cannons wireframe c 50 on articulated boom
Conrad Fixed-base wireframe cannons
Conrad Wireframe c50 cannons on trolley 2

All-round assistance and support

We build high-performance dust and odour abatement cannons that last with low maintenance.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to offer you comprehensive support, from the choice of the most suitable product to installation and maintenance.

Why choose CONRAD spray cannons for demolition work

  • Heated crown for sub-zero temperatures: crown pre-heating system by means of an electric resistor.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • The generous size of the filter cartridge in steel allow any type of water to be used.
    Thanks to the self-priming pump, NOT inlet water pressure is required.
  • Touch Panel customised with your company logo.
  • Selection of atomisation typehigh-pressure water (for wood dust) or low-pressure water (for demolition).

Advanced technology for optimal dust control:
Conrad spray cannons use state-of-the-art technology to ensure effective and precise dust control during demolition.

Conrad Fixed-base wireframe cannons

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Rely on Conrad Cannons for an effective dust suppression solution in quarries and mines. Maximise safety, protect the environment and improve air quality with our range of tailor-made products and services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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