CONRAD Autonomous Station Phoenix

Autonomous dust-laying station to have everything on your site in one move.

The CONRAD Phoenix station is in fact equipped with: Conrad Phoenix cannon implemented with PLC for rotation setting, generator set and 1000 litre tank.



Nebulizer cannon performance table

Phoenix station new scaled

Autonomous station complete with:

  • Conrad Phoenix Cannon  with a range of 20 metres.
  • High-pressure pump up to 60 bar.
  • Fifth wheel for the rotation of the cannon.
  • PLC integrated for setting automatic rotation and weekly and daily work cycles.
  • Water tank 1000 litres.
  • Generator set.
  • Straddleable skid with forklift or liftable with hooks.



  • Cleaning lance
  • Dosing pump for odour-abatement substances
  • Industry 4.0 kit
  • Radio control


The dust-laying station suitable for working in complete autonomy controlling dust effectively without depending on water and power supply.

Realised together with the best demolition companies and now in demand in numbers of alternative contexts, such as ports, rental, crushing, ferrous material recycling ...

Presented at the Green Technology Show - ECOMONDO 2021 

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Below are some videos of the testing of the autonomous Phoenix station and the first deliveries on site.

Aggregate Disposal in Modena and Waste Disposal in Cremona


Our package always includes: device with integrated display, 5 years of connectivity included and access to the management portal, but most importantly, we take care of everything! 

Ewe follow the installation of the device and accompany you in the activation of your account with the operations centre.

Phoenix in Action

6 Small

Bad odours from sweeping soil

Those who work in the ecological and environmental sector know that a fixed misting system, called a 'curtain', is effective for dust and odour abatement.

IMG20211028155951 scaled

Ecomondo 2021 -Green Technology Expo

From 26 to 29 October, four intense days in which we were in contact with customers from all over Italy who came to the Rimini Expo Centre in search of the most suitable solution to control dust and odour in their work area.

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