Conrad LC50R

The CONRAD LC50R is a 50 m spray gun ideal for abating dust during demolition activities, also appreciated as a support in aggregate recycling plants to control dust exiting conveyor belts and screens for separating inert materials.

The LC50R has a range of 50 m and a coverage of approximately 7,500 m², thanks to its PLC for automatic rotation control that is programmable up to 340°.

The truck equipped with 3 pneumatic wheels, 2 stabilisers and a drawbar makes the CONRAD LC50R very manoeuvrable even on the roughest terrain.


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  • 45 nozzles on one crown;
  • 50 m spraying range;
  • AUTOMATIC ROTATION adjustable from 0 to 340° with integrated PLC;
  • Equipment:
    • on galvanised tower with slewing ring;
    • mounted on a galvanised trolley with three pneumatic wheels, two stabilisers and a slow drawbar; 
    • bikini, with the cannon positioned at altitude and the control unit on the ground.
  • set-ups designed to meet the needs and requirements of temporary sites and permanent sites;
  • great range: there is no doubt that you will reach the powder;
  • PLC touch screen panel: intuitive buttons for quick and easy operation;
  • robust materials: made for the construction site;
  • can be implemented with the 8-button radio control: work remotely on your own;
  • Subsidisable goods with Industry 4.o: tax credit of 20% worth of cannon (click here to read more).
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The Conrad LC50R dust suppression gun is equipped with PLC touch screen electronics that are easy for any operator to use.

The use of the PLC is essential to precisely set the rotation from 0° to 340° of the cannon in order to make the most of the spray range and act more precisely on the areas to be treated.

And with CANNONI-CONRAD's INDUSTRIA 4.0 KIT, the dust suppression gun will receive 20% in the form of a tax credit.

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