Conrad C62

The C62 spray gun is capable of suppressing dust and odours in all kinds of hostile environments without difficulty. The C62 offers the possibility of selecting the number of active nozzles, depending on the type of spray intensity desired. 


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Applications of CONRAD C62

c62 on contour pole


CONRAD C62 pulveriser mounted on galvanised pole with motorised slewing ring with PLC programmable setting, suitable for dust-abatement work at fixed and/or long-term locations. 

In this version, the cannon can also be separated so that it can be placed on pre-existing plinths, on barriers or clamped with clamps on walls. The control unit will be set up in an area accessible to the control personnel.

Dimensions150 x 120 x 220 cm

Weight: 450 kg

c62 on contour trolley


The CONRAD C62 wheeled dust suppression system is suitable for situations where the place of origin of dust is variable, for example in demolition work, quarries, tunnels. Wheel-mounted sprayers are among the most popular in rental fleets. Cannons Conrad has two models available with 2 or 3 pneumatic wheels, and in both cases there are always pockets for lifting with a forklift.

Compact trolley dimensions: 155 x 210 x 240 cm - kg 620

Wide trolley dimensions: 325 x 210 x 240 cm - kg 620

C62 articulated contour


The CONRAD C62 spray gun is also mounted on an articulated arm and is capable of reaching up to 5.5 metres in height so that it is in a favourable position in relation to the point of origin of the dust, hitting it from above and causing it to fall quickly.

Dimensions: 120 x 260 x 212 cm - 700 kg


  • Heated aluminium sprocket with electrical resistance for sub-zero operation.
  • Integrated PLC panel with touchscreen panel
    • rotation control 0° to 340°;
    • working angle from -20° to + 45°;
    • selectable active nozzles;
    • articulated arm with up/down movement;
    • Weekly work scheduling (3 daily start/stop cycles)
  • Automatic water draining (excludable function)
  • Type of atomisation
    • high-pressure fine atomisation (for wood dust or similar)
    • thicker spray (perfect for demolition)

Conrad Cannons and Water

  • The CONRAD filtration system for incoming water is the best on the market and uses a Stainless steel filter cartridge, length 500 mm x 80 mm diameter. Inspectable triple-mesh stainless steel filter.

    This allows you to use any type of water to feed the cannon: industrial, well, VVF ring, purifier, aqueduct, rain collection...

    All CONRAD cannons are equipped with a vertical and self-priming pump for gravity feeding, therefore no inlet water pressure is required.


  • Odour suppression: electric dosing pump for mixing the odour control chemical (chemical not included)
  • ON-OFF radio remote control with 12 function keys, battery charger. Range 100 m.
  • Integrated anemometer with PLC.
  • Customised turbine colour.
  • Atex components on request according to the level required.

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