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EAC certification for CANNONI-CONRAD

New Euroasiatic Frontiers

CANNONI-CONRAD also arouses a strong interest in Eurasian territories. Mining, quarries, coal deposits and naval ports. To facilitate our Eurasian customers we have acquired EAC compliance.

What is the EAC Certification?

The EAC Certification / Declaration of Conformity is based on the new technical regulations (TR / TC) and allows the free movement of products within the common space formed by the new community of the Eurasian states (Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).

EURASEC is an acronym for “Economic Community of the Eurasian states” and since its birth, it has established a new Eurasian international certification system which has entered into force gradually since 2013, replacing national certification systems such as GOST-R, OST-K and GOST B (which nevertheless remain in force for products not regulated by Eurasec standards). EURASEC was introduced to protect public health as well as to certify the safety and quality of imported products. The certification system was created by providing specific procedures, tests and the use of the EAC conformity mark. The majority of products destined for the EURASEC market, therefore require TR / TC certification or declaration of conformity; for each category, there are specific requirements to be met for quality and/or safety based on the provisions of the technical regulations.

The EAC marked products, demonstrate their compliance with the required standards both in EURASEC and in most of the CIS Countries.