Cannone Nebulizzatore – CONRAD C62

The Conrad C62 water nebulizer is the most requested machine, it is able to achieve results always exceeding expectations, in the most hostile environments ensures the suppression of dust and odors without difficulty.

What makes Conrad C62 unique and appreciated by users is the ability to select the number of nozzles depending on the need.

Controls and automation:

  • Heated crown for sub-zero temperatures
  • Automatic water emptying (bypassable function).
  • Working angle programming.
  • Weekly working programming (3 start /stop daily cycles).
  • Radio remote control for all functions
  • Friendly touch panel customized with your company logo.
  • Nebulization type selection: high pressure-fine water (for wood dust) or low pressure-thick water (for demolition).

Optionals and customization:

  • Additional dosing pump for odor suppression
  • Additional crown with nozzles
  • Headlight
  • ON / OFF radio remote control and movement functions with 12 functions and battery charger
  • Power generator
  • Water tank
  • Tank on truck
  • Atex certified

Equipment: On pole

The CONRAD C62 nebulizer cannon equipped on a pole is ideal for construction sites and long-term work sites, where dust reduction is required in specific areas. This model is easily transportable thank to pockets forklift fitted below the pole, always included.

Dimensions: 150 x 120 x 230 cm

Weight: 400 kg

Equipment: On 3 wheels trailer

The CONRAD C62 on wheels is indicated in all temporary work sites, in demolitions and in rental market. The trailer is composed by 3 pneumatic wheels, fixed parking feet and a steering drawbar. Pockets forklift always included to ensure easy transport in site.

Dimensions: 325 x 210 x 240 cm

Weight: 620 kg

Equipment: on pantograph support with articulated arm

The CONRAD C62 Fog cannon mounted on an articulated arm reaches 6 meters height and inclinations -20°+45° to ensure maximum precision in the work points.

Perfect for all treatments to eliminate dust and odors in a precise and localized way.

Dimensions: 120 x 260 x 212 cm

Weight: 700 kg