Dust Suppressor - CONRAD C50

CONRAD 92 is the dust suppression cannon capable of reaching 90 meters of range, the 18 kW of its fan are able to cover a work area of 25.000 square meters.

This is a product indicated for large land remediation and for quarries of considerable size.

Controls and automation:

  • Heated crown for sub-zero temperatures
  • Automatic water emptying (bypassable function).
  • Working angle programming.
  • Weekly working programming (3 start /stop daily cycles).
  • Radio remote control for all functions
  • Friendly touch panel customized with your company logo.
  • Nebulization type selection: high pressure-fine water (for wood dust) or low pressure-thick water (for demolition).

Optionals and customization:

  • High pressure pump
  • Additional dosing pump for odor suppression
  • Additional crown with nozzles
  • Headlight
  • ON / OFF radio remote control and movement functions with 12 functions and battery charger
  • Power generator
  • Water tank
  • Tank on truck
  • Atex certified