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CANNONI-CONRAD promotes a new independent system

CANNONI-CONRAD promotes a new independent system: water fog cannon with on articulated arm mounted on a smart wheeled basis.

CANNONI CONRAD, the Italian brand of Mantovana Macchedil sas, bets everything on versatility and automation with their custom-made dust suppressors.

CANNONI CONRAD projected and realized 4 efficient and independent systems to abate dust and odors in landfills in Taranto (Italy). Within a year all biggest Italian multi-utility and waste treatment companies adopted these systems to have real control over dust and odors.

60 meters throw water fog cannon on an articulated arm in a system composed of 35 KVA generator and 8000 liters steel tank. All parts designed specifically for roll-off trucks use.

The versatile articulated arm will allow you to reach different heights and offers the advantage of suppressing dust from top to bottom, ensuring an even faster reduction. Our all-in-one system, equipped with a power generator and a water tank, allows you to be fully operational throughout the working hours without the frequent need to refuel or refill.

The system is controlled by one person, while the truck driver can manage the cannon thank to a 12 function remote control:

On/Off function, Rotation Control from 0 ° to 340 °, Inclination Control from -20 ° + 45 °, Up and Down, Working Angle settings, Spray Type selection: fine or coarser.

Our products are chosen in different sectors: landfills, environmental remediation, anaerobic digestion site, wood, and aluminum processing site

In our offer, we include several options appreciated by our customers:

  • Heated nozzles crown (always included)
  • 500 mm x 80 mm Stainless micro retina Filter with a filtering capacity of 250 microns (always included)
  • High-pressure pump
  • Dosatron pump for odor control
  • Anemometer connected with the PLC