From dust suppression cannons to utterly independent stations, to bring water and electric power wherever you need.

The CONRAD Cannon

Dust suppressing performance is all about having hi-quality fans and nozzles.

From C32 model to the biggest C92 model we provide self-heating crowns to keep the nozzles effective, even at sub-zero temperatures.

The Independent Station’s sprayer cannon can be mounted on pole or on articulated arm.


We’ve been searching for the best tanks around, firmness and stability were the main features we were looking for, and once again we’ve chosen Made in Italy products.

The tanks we provide with our Independent Stations are made of polyethylene, according to the capacity the customer can choose between vertical or horizontal tanks, from 1000 l. to 7500 l.

On the image you can see a metal tank specifically requested by a customer, for whom we projected a completely custom solution on a roll-off truck, to be used in quarries.


For our Independent Stations we always provide maximum reliability. Made in Italy power generators.

Stage III ecological engines (Yanmar, Perkins)


A lot of customized Independent Stations are released after several on-site inspections and brainstorming with our customers, with the intent to find the best solution for each specific need.

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