PLC stands for “Programmable Logic Controller”. It is the key element for the automation of machines in any industrial work process. 90% of our nebulizers include a PLC for movement control and working cycle programming.

Our Automated Systems


  • Rotation control from 0° to 340°
  • Inclination control from -20° to + 45°
  • Articulated arm up/down movement
  • Automatic water emptying (avoidable function)
  • Working angle setting with self-learning method
  • Weekly work programming (3 daily start/stop cycles)
  • Type of nebulization settings: hi-pressure thin nebulization (for wood dust or similar) or thicker nebulization (perfect for demolitions)
  • Intuitive touchscreen panel (customizable with your company’s logo)

3 Primary Configurations

Our automatic dust suppression systems are usually set up with 3 different kinds of equipment.

  • On pole
  • On articulated arm
  • On 3 wheels trailer


All these types are equipped with forklift slots

Remote Control

A 12 settings remote control allows the operator to manage the machine up to a distance of 100 m

This permits to have full control over the nebulizer, even when the operator is on a moving machine (excavator, skid loader, truck etc.).

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