About Us

CANNONI-CONRAD is the trademark for the reference ecological sector for the control, reduction and abatement of dust in all those contexts where the working environment is rendered unhealthy and dangerous by the presence of dust and odors.

Cannoni Conrad is a brand of Mantovana Macchedil SAS

The BIRTH of Conrad Dustfighters

Mantovana Macchedil has chosen to invest its 40 years of experience in the shipbuilding sector by putting them at the service of this green line, designing and building nebulizer cannons in an accurate and far-sighted way, choosing raw materials and high quality accessories to guarantee durable dust reduction systems and with maintenance costs reduced to zero.

CANNONI CONRAD boasts, in fact, interventions in many sectors where dust and odors cause difficulties and limitations in the operation of the construction site.

What are Dustfighter Cannons?

Dust collectors are cannons that generate a flow of air and nebulized water which, once injected into the atmosphere, weighs down the dust particles present, causing them to fall to the ground.

The water spray can also be mixed with fragrant chemical solutions to reduce even unpleasant odors.

The amount of water that is injected depends on the type and amount of dust present, generally we try to use the least amount of water possible.

Initially the sprayers were accompanied by excavators equipped with pliers for demolition, but the construction-earth moving field, although indicated, has always been a very reductive sector of application for this type of equipment.

In fact, nebulizers are today used in many fields:

Quarries, mines, construction sites, cement plants, steel mills, waste storage, recycling of inert materials, neutralization of odors in landfills, wood and aluminum processing sites, wood chip factories, environmental remediation, stadium and event cooling and much more.